Tuesday, October 16, 2018

If you are single WATCH THIS!

With this post I actually couldn't put a cute little title. This had to be simple but get your attention. This sermon changed my view on a few things. And I believe it will help you all as well.  My gift to you! Thank me later!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Worth A Try: Tinted Tresses

It's braid season and I have a great braiding hair company to recommend. Their name is "Tinted Tresses" I discovered them on Instagram. What had happened was... I was frustrated with the braiding hair I was using and decided to try something new. I actually searched on Instagram to see either braids or companys I can't remember which.  But I discovered that "Tinted Tresses" and I were actually followers of each other. I looked through there page and found beautiful pictures of their followers using their hair. I didn't stop there. I searched YouTube to see if anyone had a review and I found 1 and I also asked her a question about the hair and she loved it. (After writing this I realize I may sound like a stalker lol. But I actually had to do my research)
Anywhoo, I ordered my hair. I would say it came easily but it didn't NO FAULT OF THERE'S the delivery company lost my first package. I contacted them right away they got in contact with the company as well and with my 2nd order that came right away she replaced my 1st order. 
The hair was amazing. It is soft but not too soft that it super tangles. I kept mine in for a few weeks and my braids still looked new. I didn't take my hair out because of the hair. I just wanted to change my hair. I highly recommend. I love their color selection. Check them out! I will list below their link on Instagram, their Website and the YouTube video I found of @Mimibeautycocoon braiding her hair with Tinted Tresses

For Instagram: Click Here
For the Website:Click Here


Monday, October 1, 2018