Thursday, July 26, 2018

Podcast: When you are down to nothing God is up to something!

God has great plans for your life. You're going to make it further than you ever thought possible. In those times when you feel empty or feel like you can't make it. God will be right there to fill you right up and set you on the right path.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Worthy Spotlight: RIE Hair Boutique

Come Touch Feel The Real At: RIE Hair Boutique

RIE Hair Boutique flagship location is located in Dallas, Texas and was recently featured in USA Today and other multiple, major news media forums. 
To find out more about RIE Hair Boutique, visit their About Us page on their website at or check out their Instagram page @riehairboutique

RIE Hair Boutique specializes in Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, however they do provide a plethora of Natural Virgin Hair Extensions, such as Cambodian hair, Burmese hair and Malaysian hair as well. You can hand pick your bundles at 6465 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 344 Room 8, Dallas, Texas 75214
At RIE Hair Boutique, you will have a customer service experience like none other, with a custom consultation designed specifically for each individual client. All of our hair is sourced directly from the country of it's origin, it is unprocessed cuticle hair that flows effortlessly, without tangle or matting do to all the cuticles being aligned and going in the same direction. We never compromise the integrity of our hair extensions at  RIE Hair Boutique, you can be assured of that, do to the fact that we do not allow the hair to be manipulated or processed in any way, allowing us to provide our clients with a superior product, that is only available with us.

One Touch One Feel And You'll Know It's Real! Look forward to servicing you soon. Stay Beautiful.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Podcast: Don't Let 1 Negative Experience Stop You!

Just because a negative situation happen to you on the way to your dreams or in life period. Don't allow that situation to make you believe it will always be that way or keep you from your destiny.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Relax, Give Yourself A Break!!! Podcast

Podcast Time! Make time for yourself. You are doing the best that you can do. Give yourself credit.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

God Has Prepared You!!! Podcast

God has prepared you for where you are and where you are going. Don't be afraid have faith you will make it!

I have also uploaded a YouTube video of the podcast as well just incase. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My first podcast!!! Don't give up

I'm super excited this is my first podcast! I believe podcasts will be somewhat easier for me with the constant changes with Vaya. I am not always able to get the camera  lighting and everything else out. So I hope you enjoy! I also hope to bring you more podcasts as well.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Men Appreciation

If you couldn't tell by the title this blog post is dedicated to men. Kings to be exact! Worthy Worth it and Priceless was/is a company for females. It was based on helping us with are self-worth and such. But as the company has grown we have a Male fanbase as well. And often times although the blogs are somewhat inclusive (at least I hope they are) I don't want my male supporters to think that they aren't appreciated.😁 

Today, men I thought of you. I thought about how you do things and sometimes don't even get a thank you because it's expected of you. I thought about how you have to always be the strong one never showing emotion because you will be called weak. I thought about how for years you were taught not to show emotions and as soon as you get into a relationship you are asked by your mate to show emotion. I thought about how some of you may have not had a good role model in your life BUT you are determined not to make the same mistakes. So you try to do the best that you can without any guidance and once again getting overlooked. You try to be there for your kids but because of whatever circumstances you are not able to. A lot of times you are fighting for everyone but who is fighting for you. Oftentimes, we take you for granted we think he's straight because we never hear the words "I need you" or "I need help" Oftentimes, we are to busy to notice. We have the kids, work, church, friends and a business at those times you get overlooked. You have the stress of your job, trying to make ends meet and trying to make sure your parents are straight. Not to mention if you have the added pressure to make sure you make it home alive. And the last thing you need is to argue when you get into the house. BUUUUT often times that's what you do. And if you're a good man you're trying to undo the years of pain your mate endured. All the while, trying to convince her you are not like them. You have to fight her demons and yours. And endure lengthy text messages as soon as you do something wrong.  And be able to deal with our mood swings as well as our indecisiveness when it comes to picking something to eat.

We love you. Sometimes we get caught up and don't know how to show it. We have your back and we appreciate you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Praise and Thoughts

" I vow to praise you, through the good and the bad. I'll praise you, whether happy or sad. I'll praise you in all that I go through, because praise is what I do"--- Praise is what I do by William Murphy

This song always gets me crying and instantly in worship mode. Why am I writing about this? Because God told me to lol (just joking) This has been a hard week or so for me. Nothing I can't handle but my emotions and everything has been out of wack. I know God's promises to me and they don't seem to be happening or happening as quick. And then it seems to be problem after problem light stuff but still problems and I know I am not the only one who goes through this so I wanted to give you encouragement through this time. 
An entertainer passed away a few weeks ago and although I didn't know him or his music his death hit me pretty hard. My nieces loved him. I only really saw him if he was getting into trouble. But somehow the situation touched me. After his death I watched his videos.  I saw how he was trying to change his life around but never fully got the chance. And I see even to this day, his fans are trying to tell others that same thing. I look at us, as a society how we look past people who are in need thinking of the Junior situation that happened in the Bronx. He was bleeding and no one helped. But rather than looked at society I decided look to at Tammy. 
Although, I will NOT be pouring out my thought process. I have been deep in thought over my life choices I have made and with prayer how to move forward. 
The past can't be changed so I definitely learn from it. But I change the way I perceive people. While writing this I now know that it is God's way. When you are serving people you can't be judgmental. I want to help as many people as I can be that can't be done with an old way of thinking. If you look at Jesus and the people he helped. He helped people that most would walk away from or turn their backs on but not Jesus. He helped them. Think about yourself, your life can help someone else. God gave us all a story don't be afraid to share it. Let's help one another regardless of what someone looks like. God created us all. A lot of people in this world is just looking for love or for someone to just listen. I remember in one of the videos the young man said something along the lines of "he just wanted someone to care about him. And every time someone got close they hurt him."  I know a lot of people has a similar story to that including myself. So why not be what we need for someone else? If we all did that could make a positive impact on this world!

This post is probably really scattered but I am still working out the mental kinks I will continue to pray through this process and hopefully this mental storm will pass soon. I love you all thank you for reading.