Tuesday, June 26, 2018

God had other plans

There always seems to be a story or a lesson behind my products. The coasters are no different.

I believe that it was after my Birthday that I decided for the summer that I was only going to be making pillows and t-shirts especially since party t-shirts have become very popular. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.  So I made an announcement about it on social media.  God must have had a great laugh because somehow after my announcement I started feeling like something was missing, like my little spark had gone. 
Then out of the blue I saw something about making coasters. I researched it and everything. I even told a co-worker as well. But I was hesitant to act on it. Because I didn't want to put anymore pressure on myself. So I avoided buying the materials.  I would put them in my cart at work. But by the end of the day they were back in the shelf. This happened a lot. This coaster idea wasn't like the other ideas I have had it lingered. I even told that same co worker "the coasters are haunting me" She said "but the stuff". I put it in the cart but once again it went back. 
GOD stepped in! He touched something in me 1 day as I was scrolling the internet. I got the materials and then ordered the rest online. My co worker laughed as I told her what I had done and said " For someone who didn't want to do it, you are sure going all out!"
After I got my first set of materials I immediately went to work. I absolutely loved making them.
I didn't adjust my pervious statement on social media. I just posted results. 
If I would have listened to fear. I would have never experienced the happiness I have.
Fear will try to stop and/or stagnate your progress. Let God be the ruler of your life. Stop worrying about your plans and make sure you are doing what he has called you to do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Even in the pain there is a purpose!

Every thing you have went through was for a purpose. It will all work out. 
You have heard these statements time and time again BUT it means nothing sometimes when you are in the storm and you're hurting. Those are the times that those words are comforting BUT you would rather the pain just GO AWAY! You seem to cry out to God, knowing that he heard you but not really sure. You start questioning yourself and past decisions.  You start thinking your crazy.
But I want you to do something crazier LET GO! Stop thinking, stop trying to figure everything out! I am not telling you anything I haven't had to say or do. When I see my mind wondering through every possibility or every out come of a situation. I realize that I am driving myself crazy literally. That's just what the enemy wants. He wants you distracted so you can't see the road ahead. He wants your problems to overwhelm you. He wants you to get off course. Don't allow it to happen to you. It's all for a reason don't give up you are going to make it! Give it to God and take things as they come 1 day at a time.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Try again, You never know!

This is my sweet little preciousness Yava'ah on 1 of our park days. I took Yava'ah to the park 1 afternoon and the slides were actually too hot. The sun seemed to be faced in there direction for a while before we got there so as you know that was a quick day as Vaya wasn't interested and I don't blame her. Another day I took her to the park which is the day in this picture. As you can see the slides are behind her and Vaya is going in the opposite direction. I watched Vaya throughout the visit avoid the slides even though they weren't hot. Vaya believed she would still have the same out come. She would climb up to the slides and turn right back around she wanted NO PARTS of it. So today (June 3rd), I took her back over to the slides in the morning before the sun got in place and I climbed up with her and put her in position and gave her a little nudge to get her down the slides. Because I noticed once again she was trying to run for the hills. 
Why was this so important? Because I didn't want my daughter to be like me and miss out on opportunities that she would really love. 

Transparent Moment:  I have talked about this many times on the blog and in videos that I am a runner or a recovering runner. Not in the literal sense but figuratively. When there was any sign of drama I would run.( not like fighting or anything) But anything wasn't smooth sailing Tammy was out. Example: I didn't eat Banana's for 30 years because I got sick 1 time in kindergarten. Yes, it was that extreme 1 and done. And as far as the Banana it really wasn't what made me sick. I ate the Banana went to recess and I was on the merry-go-round and they were pushing it to fast and I threw up and I blamed the banana lol. I was 5 okay. But I realized that that childish behavior has made me miss opportunities and doing things that could make me happy. That was something I didn't want to pass on to her. I want her to be better than me learn from my mistakes and not do the same thing.

That goes for you too! Don't allow 1 sign of negativity to keep you away from your dreams, goals or something that truly makes you happy! Try again, You NEVER know!

You are Worthy Worth It & Priceless!