Saturday, February 24, 2018

Follow Your Own Path

This is a picture of my sweet rebel Yava'ah. We went to the park last week. Although, I showed Vaya the right way to go the 1st time, when she got down the slide she had other plans. Now if you can see it was a rainy day but that didn't stop her. I tried to stop her a few times but it didn't work. I had to learn as her mother, I have to allow her to learn on her own. Sometimes we want to help our kids so much that we enable them from doing things that they only depend on us and not see the power that they possess.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In Times of Uncertainty

3 years ago on Valentine's day I found out Miss. Yava'ah was on her way. At that time, I didn't know how to feel. We were just moving into our new place just getting things together. I also actually thought I would never have children not because of anything medically, I just thought I wouldn't have children. But God had other plans. If God would've given me a glimpse into 3 years later where Yava'ah and I went out to eat and ran through a field of snow I probably wouldn't have believed it. God knew that we were going to be okay. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You Are Powerful!

We come in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, races and the list goes on. But a struggle we all have at times is our worth, our self-esteem and are we getting the love we deserve. We are often told don't compare ourself to others. But unfortunately, it happens more than we would like to admit. 
Comparisons are unnecessary you are made in God's image. You are his masterpiece. And you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for! You have the ability to do anything you want.  I wish that every woman can see the power that they possess.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Get Back To You!

If you haven't noticed everyone's life seems busier than ever. It's hard to remember the days before technology before I lives were consumed by a device. I was talking with co-workers who this year just got cellphones or they updated to smart phones and they were stating how at one time they never wanted a phone and now they can't live without it. Think about it you can check EVERYTHING with just a click without even leaving the house. You could easily get wrapped up for hours on your phone.
But no matter how busy our lives are we shouldn't forget to take care of ourselves. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Stay True To You

If you have been on the blog recently,  you will see that I changed the layout of the blog. After some time and patience it is now back to normal (Thank God!) . Well in the journey is the lesson. What had happened was blogger had new themes and I kind of wanted to update the blog as well. I saw pink and I went for it. The look of the blog looked more professional and somewhat like other blogs. So I went for it, I was sooo excited. There was a couple of things I didn't realize but you will DEFINITELY find out about those in a moment. Around the same time, I got an offer from a marketing company to look over my websites and give me feedback (YESSSS! Please) . So the pointers were great they stated that my blog should have my logo on it. This is what I didn't realize! With the new design I was unable to add my logo and I was also unable to keep my page view count, which at this time was over 40k . I worked hard for both of those. Unfortunately, I was unable to save my previous theme (which is somewhat what you see now) and at the time I couldn't remember how to change it back manually. I felt defeated. I lost things that mattered the most to me (blog wise) ,things that I worked hard for and the things that identified my brand. "What have I done?" I had to ask myself. "Why did I even change my blog?"  To be like everyone else. By nothing about me, my company or my blog is like everyone else. So why did I try to fit in?