Sunday, August 27, 2017

Relationship Talk: Listening To Friends

This post is something I have heard a lot in a past relationship as well as it's a topic that can really upset a man especially a man in a relationship. (DISCLAIMER: This may not be a feel good topic or it may not pertain to everyone. This is more or less a mirror post in which you have to dig deep and look at yourself)
So as I previously posted, I am doing self reflection. I am actually studying myself. So with that I have had a tendency to seek others advice or always confided in someone. So much so that GOD himself had to tell me to " Stop seeking others opinions, Stop worrying about what others think worry about what he thinks" Now you know it's bad when God has to speak to you. But that still didn't stop me.  The crazy thing is I knew better. But every time I was upset I flew off the handle with emotion and I had to tell someone. Especially if someone did something wrong. Now I was cleaver because I learned early on you kinda can't tell the whole story just what makes you upset seems wrong but I realized when I told the whole story I might actually be wrong and I didn't need that kind of negativity when I was mad. (J/k lol. Kinda serious) But think about it when you are mad  the last thing you need is your friends to be on your man's side.
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Worthy Product: Taliah Waajid Curl Souffle

I absolutely love this product OMG! I first saw this product on "Step the Barber's" Instagram. I never had a real chance to use is it. This past weekend I actually bought a perm on my lunch break. I was over natural hair or so I thought. After work, I decided to give it one last try. So I bought EVERY natural product I ever wanted to try and this was one of them. 
I love it with works on my hair as well as Yava'ah's. Both of our hair is in the 4's. I was really amazed at how her curls came out as vaya has A LOT of shrinkage and when her hair dries usually her curls are gone but not with this product.  
This will definitely be a staple product in our household. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Study Yourself

Stick with me don't think I am crazy but I am very serious! Yes the statement is correct study yourself. I have recently being going through SERIOUS life changes and I had to check myself and stop pointing the fingers at others. Lord knows this self discovery has been hard as ever. I had to face facts I never wanted to face. I had to face things I didn't even know about myself Okaaay! (Tammy isn't perfect by any means.) 
     But what happened is I was looking through an old email between myself and someone else there were times I didn't like my responses. I had to dig deep into myself. The things that this person said was actually right. But at the time I couldn't see that they were right or I wasn't in the right space to listen. I am ALWAYS transparent ya'll have met me even if we haven't met in person lol!
 This process will be hard I am not going to lie you may not like how you see yourself. You may even cry. But the process is necessary to change you need to see yourself with new eyes. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

God Gives Rainbows

It seems as though everyone is going through right now. I don't know rather to call it a storm or transition but whatever it is God is still giving rainbows every now and again to let you know he's still there. Think about a terrible rainstorm it's thundering and lighting scaring everyone. Then what happens behind those dark heavy clouds you see sunlight. Then you look right beside you what do you see? A rainbow! God hasn't forgotten about you. But this storm is what you have to go through to be renewed for you to be the person her created you to be. He's not done working on you. This is just the beginning. I know it's hard, you may not understand why all of this is happening now. But it's all apart of God's plan. Even death no one wants to hear it. I know I didn't I wanted my grandma to live forever. But what I didn't know was the pain she was going through. A lot of times our loved ones are going through pain long before they even tell us.  Sure we want them here with us but God wants to give them rest. I know it's hard but try to see the rainbow in that. Don't let the sun go down without letting someone know you love them or how they have positively influenced your life for one day they will be apart of that rainbow in the sky.

Always remember that you are Worthy Worth It and Priceless