Sunday, April 30, 2017

Worthy Hair Spotlight: Step the Barber

I am going to give you a warning: If you don't want to cut your hair DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER! This man is a beast when it comes to cutting hair. Chile, I looked at his Instagram and made an appointment and cut it off!  Any who like I stated I saw his cuts on Instagram and have been hooked ever since. He is based out of Atlanta so if you are there check him out. As always I am leaving EVERY link I can find so you can check him out as well. Appointment BookingWebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter

Worthy Spotlight/Worth A Listen: Bri (Briana Babineaux)

So I am very late on this please forgive me. My house been over taken by Disney shows, music and etc. One day when I needed a break so I went to YouTube specifically looking for some gospel music. I saw this video that I had seen before, there was this woman sitting down singing. She was so good I said "Why hasn't anyone signed her?" After looking at the comments I saw her name was Briana Babineaux but she goes by Bri. I did a search for her saw that she was not only signed she has an album out AND the album was #1. I watched a few more videos of her. The next day I picked up her album. I love it my favorite songs are "My Everything"," Jacob's Song" and "Love you forever". Look her up her website Here and her Instagram Here. I am posting a few videos so you can check her out as well. (Photo credit from Bri's Twitter @BrianaBabineaux)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Don't Let Go (Believe In Yourself)

On this day, 9 years ago my grandma Dorothy taught me to make pillows. So I guess you can say its my pillow making anniversary. But the time is so bittersweet. Coming up to this date I was happy for the progress God allowed me to make with pillows and sewing but I began to cry thinking about the time I wasted not believing in myself. My grandmother would send me sewing emails and we would talk about the other possibilities I had with sewing. I would believe in myself for a while but when the sales weren't there, I would believe it would get better I would put it down and try something else. My biggest regret is that I didn't believe as much in myself while she was here.
  But now I have 2 little eyes that are watching me and following me around the house lol. I can't let her down for sure. I have got to show her that she can push past her boundaries. That although everyday may not be roses that it's still worth waking up!
  Same with you! You have to push past your limits,push past your boundaries. Believe in yourself! You might have a business you are starting now and you were just like me no sales. Don't let money determine the love for your passion. I love making pillows but I hid my love because I based it off of money. I tried other things but none ever worked out I wasn't committed to them. I make other things now still in the realm of sewing but when I made a pillow last night. I felt more alive! You have to find your passion. Find what you would do for free if you had to. Find your gift, your purpose. Maybe your gift isn't something glamorous but it's a gift only you have. No one can do what you do. They may buy the equipment, they may have the supplies but they can't do it like you. Because what God has for you is for you!

#KnowYourWorth #DisplayYourWorth Be #WorthyWorthItPriceless

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Changes

Image result for when a woman cuts her hair
Soooo it's gone again! My hair that is. This won't be my complete journey just today! So I went on Instagram and discovered this barber his name is @SteptheBarber (click the name its a link lol) he has a lot of nice women cuts. So I sent A LOT of pics to my bestie/hairstylist Monique. I decided I was ready for a change. I made the appointment on the JCPenney website I was ready Yassss! hunni! We were both happy so when Monique started she asked me which hairstyle I wanted. I showed her she asked if I wanted to go lower. I was like no this is fine. (Monique KNOWS me) Chile so she does the cut, wash and style. I turned around it was beautiful. But it wasn't me. Yes, I asked her to cut it off. (Told you she knows me) We laughed and when we were done we both agreed it was a great call. 

Priceless Inspiration: Lesson From Yava'ah

 Anyone who has been around vaya knows she goes NO WHERE without her blanket. So lately she's been putting the blanket over her face trying to walk through the house blindly. Every time she does her father or myself takes the blanket off her face she laughs and tries again. Well today she left the living room went by the bedroom and walked all the back into the living room with the blanket on her face. Despite some hiccups so made it without falling or slipping. Why can't we do the same with our faith. Why can't we walk away from ppl, places or things that hinder us. And walk by faith and let God guide us. It won't be easy. But it will be worth it!