Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Worthy Spotlight: Black is Gold by Wale

Yes! Yes! Yesssssss! I am here for it and everything. I just got done listening to this  (some how it fell underneath my radar it's 4 weeks old) beautiful song from Wale highlighting us black women of all shades. What I love most is just basically it highlights us all. A lot of times in videos especially now there's usually a stripper or twerking involved no here this video is refreshing and so is the song. Wale gets it 100%. I'll stop talking enjoy the video and support this song hopefully it will bring for a change.


Knowing when to let go

 Disclaimer : this may seem like I mommy moment post but it isn't stick with me and I will give you the encouragement you need!

  So about the end of November Yava'ah decided she wanted to start walking I was super excited. Yava'ah got half way across the room and I scream in excitement "My baby" chile probably scared the baby half to deaf she walked back and forth a few more times never quite making it all the way across she would walk fall and crawl or whatever when she got tired she came into my arms I held her. This particular time I held her a little longer kinda would't allow her to get down I felt it in my spirit as well as I hear a voice saying " You are holding her back on purpose" It was fine at the moment because we were having a mommy and daughter moment but I knew this couldn't happen often.

Monday, January 9, 2017