Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't give up

Hey, guys this morning it was really on my spirit to give you guys encouragement. I even prayed before I did the video that it would touch someone.
   I know that times can be so hard during this holiday season. I know that with the new year coming you are looking at your life and may be thinking you should be further ahead in life. I want to encourage you NOT to give up. I know the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it's so far but if you keep on working you will get there. We want things fast but when you get things fast they don't seem to last you know why?  Because you weren't prepared. The route God is taking you is going to prepare you for the next level. And you are going to go higher if you don't give up! Also be mindful of how you send your time. Spending time on social media or playing video games aren't going to help you get further in life (unless that's what you want to do in life) . But actually have to get out and DO the Work!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Music Spotlight: Hidden Figures Soundtrack

Today's Music Spotlight comes from The "Hidden Figures" Soundtrack. The other night Yava'ah and I was listening to music on YouTube and "I See A Victory" song came on and we started dancing around the house. That song did my soul some GOOD you hear me! So ya'll KNOW I had to share it with you guys. At the end of the post I also put a featurette of the movie as well.
    Hidden Figures opens on Christmas Day please go out and support this movie!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mom Moments :My Baby Yava'ah

  So excited to announce my baby is in a fisher price commercial. It was important for me to show her a different side of life and not allow her to become stagnant. Her being a model is something no one in our family has done. It is also important to see something in your child and try to cultivate it. Yava'ah has been aware of the camera very early on. She was always aware when a camera was on her there's certain things she wouldn't do. She would pose early on like at a few months old.
     But if she doesn't want to pursue it it's fine with me as well. I just want her to have options and to know she can accomplish anything.