Thursday, October 27, 2016

Watch this: It's Time To Go Vertical

This sermon right here is no joke. This video is confirmation. I will not be giving hints or making commentary on this post because I want you to watch it. God lead me to this and I am bringing it to you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


   It seems as though we live in a world where no matter what you do it's never good enough. Your either too tall, too short, too light, too dark, your weird and the list goes on. We are all beautiful. We all have talents. You will never get to where YOU are going if you continue to listen to THEM. You will go crazy if you listen to the world trust me! Think of the body fads first it was lips, legs, boobs now butts. This world will have you running crazy trying to chase whatever is popular just to lose the true essence of you in the end. When the world is done with you it will leave you right where it left you and most times worse off than you were before.
    You are special there is 1 you for a reason. No one can beat you at being you. They can try but nothing is as good as the original okaaaay! So don't let this world set your standards.Find you individual style. find your God given talent. Rock it til the wheels fall off

Monday, October 10, 2016

83 Days what are you going to do?

What's in 83 days you ask? The New Year! Now it the perfect time to get plans in order business plans that is. Lately I have been having people come to me for advice for their business. What I ask first is what do you like to do? Find a way to get paid for doing what you love. What I have found however, the problem is no follow through. When the success doesn't come fast enough people give up.  Well  success isn't going to come fast for the most part and you shouldn't want it to. Use the time for growth. Assess your business. Ask yourself questions Does this product fill a void? Does it solve a problem? Who is your competition and how does your product differ?

 The reason for the 83 days is as you all know the New Year is always a time where everyone reinvents themselves you know the "New Year New Me" then a month or 3 months back to normal. I know that the holidays are about to hit but use this time to work on a business or something you have been longing to do its not to late. If the New Year is too far start today!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Yava'ah! Yassss!

Alright now! it is finally here my baby's 1st birthday Yassss!  Yava'ah is actually under the weather but we're going to celebrate anyway!
   It's her 1st birthday and I am so grateful to have her. I am truly blessed to call her daughter.
I love this little girl with all my heart words can't describe the joy.I have everytime I see her. She is my gift from God that I will never take for granted. My sweet Yava'ah!