Sunday, June 19, 2016

Worthy Recognition: Rodrecus Campbell

Today is Father's day and I couldn't let today go by without recognizing the father to my daughter and my boyfriend. I am transparent so I know dealing with me is a handful okaaay!  I am a Gemini through and through but this man has put up with me and I with him. Often times, I am always in a rush there's always something to be done especially with a child, business and work. Usually the men in our lives suffer. Sometimes we start watching a movie together and sometimes before the middle I am sleep. He never complains just tries to make me watch it again lol. He is always there for Yava'ah teaching her crazy things picking her up when I can't. Relaxing her when I can't get to her. There bond is amazing as well as the bond with his son.
With that being said ladies appreciate the men you have in life. Take out time even if it's a second because we will never know how hard it is to be a man.

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