Saturday, June 18, 2016

Worthy Product: Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hey Ya'll!!! I haven't showcased a product in a while so here's one for you. I am currently in a stand still with my hair. I cut it after growing it out for a year only to think I am would like to grow it back out lol (only me). As I am figuring it out, I discovered this product on Facebook. I  rushed to Sally's to buy it. I have only had it for a week so I don't know for myself if it works. BUT as I was purchasing the cashier gave me tips how to use it and she stated she used it on her baby hairs and it grew her hair. She stated to" use it as the bottle states". She stated you would see a change within a month. 
 More info below from the

For Wild Growth Oils use the recommended dosage, which is one or both bottles, every other day or 3 times a week. The bottles will last longer and results will come in time (after approx 2 months on average you will know your rate of growth with Wild Growth oils). Some people get more results by using more and some people actually get results by using less than the recommended dosage. Since you are new to the product start with every other day.

Feel Free to go to their Facebook  page or Website for more information and testimonials.

photo credit: Wild Growths Facebook page

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