Wednesday, June 1, 2016

If you don't someone else will

I was looking at a video link one day it was Oprah's Super Soul Session I believe. It was a few speakers but she had India.Arie on there now i love me some India.Arie I have all of her albums so I was so happy to see her. Can you guess what the title was it was Worthy I almost cried. Now to back track O have been thinking prior to seeing the video that I need to focus more on the blog and W.W.P. movement as a whole.  Now let me say this correctly, I am not saying no one else can say Worthy or hating at all. But what it made me see if you won't do it God will get someone else who will. It's not that God is being mean or anything but lives are too precious and need to be saved God loves you but he doesn't have time for timid mess. 
 It's very important for us to do what we are called to do if we don't know what that is seek God for directions. You have to change your mind and what you think you can accomplish or what you think you are capable of.  Because if you are on the right path you will do exceedingly,abundantly above and beyond your wildest dreams. 

I posted the link so that you could be blessed like I was watching the video 

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