Friday, April 29, 2016

No respect

Hurt can come from all different angles there's family hurt, church hurt, relationship hurt and etc. I was reflecting on my past hurt and I realized that the people that hurt me didn't care if we were in a relationship or if we were related it was all about what they wanted. Since I am transparent before I knew better I hurt people for no apparent reason. It was the same way.
   The reason why I bring it up now is because you have to be very careful who you let in. People nowadays, seem to only think of themselves. I have seen people get hurt by people who they thought would never leave but did.
     You may be reading this and going through this right now. I will say this revenge never works it may feel good for the moment but it doesn't work out in the end. This maybe something you don't want to hear but I have to say it PRAY. I know when I was in my hurting moments that's all I had my faith grew because God was all I had. My daughter is a testament that God is faithful and answers prayers. He hears and right before you give up he's right there so that you never stumble or fall.

What ever hurt you are going through I want you to speak life into your situation. As God to turn things around. Say to yourself I will make it.  My business will be successful. Make I am,I will and I shall statements . Don't let another day pass with you being miserable. Speak a change over your life, your mind, your spirit and finances. Envision the change and work towards it every chance you get you got this!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Reflection:If I would have known

It is April 25th the 7 year anniversary of my grandmother Dorothy teaching me how to make pillows. This year it means so much more. This is the first year that I am really acknowledging it. As I am starting the store and other vendor opportunities I was always wresting with whether to do the pillows or not. With my grandmother gone you would think it would be a no brainer. Just the opposite Miss Tammy wanted to over think things and complicate things. It wasn't until a friend explained it into a way I could understand and realize. She said " your grandmother loved you. And she entrusted her gift to you. She saw something in you and she wanted to pass her knowledge on to you" in so many words.
   Lately those words came to mind more and more. It reminded me of the times I didn't believe in the pillows because I wasn't getting the sales. I expressed those feeling to grandma I pray I didn't hurt her feelings but I didn't know. I didn't know she entrusted me with a desire of hers that she wasn't able to do. She would always send me encouraging emails about sewing or never giving up. But I never got thefact of I had to keep at it. I just ran to one idea to the next. I missed the chance for my grandmother to see this day where I started to follow my dream.
   What I realize is what I am realizing now do what you love and the sales will come. Let your creative juices flow uninterrupted by fear.

This is my second chance knowing what I know now it could go either way. No matter what I don't have the luxury of giving up

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Support For the Unsupported

You are everyone's cheerleader, You support everyone's dreams and goals. You don't judge, you are accepting.your a friend and you are always there. BUT  when you need someone no one is there. No one will do you a favor after you have done multiple favors while asking for nothing in return.  No one is around when the gas gets low AFTER you used all your gas taking people from here there and everywhere.
    You are at your wits end! You are constantly stabbed in the back by people who were supposed to be there. By People who said that they would always be there. People who said that they would never betray you did just that...Betray you.
    The Hardest thing for you to do right now is keep going. You feel like your in this battle alone and your not. You have got to keep going you owe it to yourself its no reason to come this far to quit. What your going through shows you that victory is on the other side. Everything has a end date BUT you will have to have crazy faith to get there. Now if you go to bible terms think of Noah there was a drought and he is building a boat talking about rain. You know he was ridiculed but he kept going and built the boat.

 I said all of that to say what your going through isn't easy . you may be going through a drought right now. Don't seem like anything is going right. But now is nothing the time to give up. Because without a moments notice because of your hard work faith and dedication you will be rewarded. Don't worry about the support it will come there is always bandwagon rides lol. But you have to continue because it is your destiny. This is your time nothing will be handed to you. You have to work for it some days it will be hard. You want people to support you or be there for you who never will. Be there for yourself! give yourself pep talks. There is no reason to walk out on success. You have what it takes.
   People will not always act the way you want them to. Everyone may not see the vision but do what you have to do for your life. Remember your gifts will always make room for you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When you want it more than they do.

I have found myself in the place of the encourager. I don't complain about it only when it comes to pouring out your all and people still not seeing there potential. I realize soon the energy I gave to others I will no longer be able to.
   Anywhoo this is more like a venting session I don't mean to do it but I am tired SERIOUSLY!!!
    There comes a point where you only give people so much advice so many pats on the back people will take all of your energy if you let them. I want people to succeed but with that you have people taking advantage they want that encouragement or that pat for EVERYTHING they do. What you will end up doing is being someone's enabler or someone's crutch. This is something you don't want. They have the want to succeed. They have to do the work. I realize that not everyone was born with super confidence or whatever but they can take action. If they don't they become a burden to you. Once you encourage someone it is up to them to do the work. And it's up to you to have a cut off point. Some people won't even take action until it's there last option. You have a life of your own. God didn't put you on this earth to babysit others. You have a destiny too. Don't feel guilty for walking away some people require more energy than your willing to give up.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Love or Fear

When I was younger I remember watching talk shows and the women on the show would tell how bad the men were that they were dating.  The talk show host would always ask "why do you stay?" The women would always say "Because I love him" The crowd would go "Aww" and that was it.
      While I do realize that you can't help who you love. I am now asking is it fear of being alone? (I am not talking about domestic violence or verbal abuse situations) society has now made it seem as though their a shortage of men get them while you can type of thing. When I was growing up on of the things no one wanted to be was an old maid. An older woman with no man but usually surrounded by cats.
    If you look on reality shows the relationship ones you will see good women dating a man who chronicly cheats on her and most times there on the SAME show. And from a viewers stand point these are Good women Why stay?  Is it the years invested? The hope he will change? Or is it fear of being alone and not being able to replace that love?
  But is it really love or familiar? Familiar no matter how crazy it's familiar.  You know there moods, you know what they like, everything about them basically. But with someone new you would have to start over.
   Now as my grandmother Dorothy would say " I am not going to tell you to leave him because I have no one to replace them with." But I will say you deserve the best and it may take some time to find the right one that's fine. Don't make finding a mate be your main goal. Find yourself first love you. Heal, you are beautiful! You're worth more than you realize you just have to see it for yourself.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Rear view Thinking

     As I gaining more experience with driving I am realizing a lot more about myself. I realized that I was focused more on the rear view mirror than the road. Now this was mostly when no cars were in front of me but nevertheless I realized it.
  One day I asked myself why? For some reason, I believed that the drivers behind me were judging me by my driving. Or you might want to spend up a little for their approval. Only to realize the people in the car in my rear view mirror isn't worried about me. They don't even know me. As I was realizing this I looked at the road ahead and it was a clear road not a car ahead it seemed like for miles.

   I said all of that to say this. We must forget the past. It is literally in the past we made it through. Every person has there own journey if you get to stuck on the past you will NEVER enjoy your present or future. They're is great things in your future but you will never get there with rear view thinking.
    If you want to talk in hater terms. They are behind you. They have look up to see you. You would literally have to look in your rear view to see them. Every twist and turn there doing you've already done. The road ahead is much bigger and better than anything in your past.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy 8yr Anniversary Like a River Salon

  I would like to send a very special congratulations to Like a River Salon. This salon was one of the first places I reached out to when I created Worthy Worth It & Priceless. The owner didn't know me at all but never gave me a hard time and was very nice. I am extremely grateful. Support them!!!! Links and pics below