Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Testimony Time: Driving Towards the Future

Today was the first day I actually drove by myself to work. Okay to back up no I didn't know how to drive long story of why but I never really had the desire,car you know. But from having my daughter I refused to ride the bus.
Today is a milestone for me I did it for my daughter. I purchased a car and everything. Like I stated before I have to be an example for her. Driving is the first step. I can't wait to take her places. Anyone who drives or anyone who has to depend on someone else knows there's no feeling like being able drive and depend on yourself!
   I remember being afraid to drive but Today was a new day. I was asked by my mom and boyfriend if I wanted them to drive me. I  refused i was tired of people driving me around (I appreciate it but tired). I backed into a parking spot and all lol!
   I can't describe the feeling I feel!! I feel complete. I feel accomplished. It's something that will allow me to be a better mom and woman (independent)

God is great.

Friday, March 18, 2016

When you don't know which way to turn

Be encouraged! Something that's easily said but once your in the storm you don't feel it. This morning a friend and I were randomly texting each other the conversation grew to PRAISING! I have documented on this website the troubles I have had over the last few years. I tell you this while I was going through I was like What the heck?! I quit my job tooooo early thinking I had another job then to only find out that job wasn't for me. All the while having a newborn. Thank God for a understanding boyfriend who stepped up for the household.
   I  didn't think I would make it. But I kept the faith. I prayed HARD and believed in God. I ended up getting a job making more money than I ever have. From this job i was able to get back on track and finish the process to make Worthy Worth It & Priceless an official business. If I never had that low moment I wouldn't have appreciated where I am today. It seemed like my moment would never end. But keep the faith when its over with you will see what its for.
     God hasn't left you! I know it feels like he has. I know you may feel alone. But remember he's close to the broken hearted. He has seen your tears. He hears you. He hasn't forgotten about you. You are important to him. You will come out of this on top! Thank him for the process it's going to work out and you are going to be better than you ever have!!!
    It's going to be already.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Worthy Mom Moments: Does she know

I have been wanting to write about my moments for a while. So I will be documenting them under Worthy Mom Moments.
 She's currently laying on me and the thought came to me does she know how much her mom loves her. Does she know how much she's changed my life. I believe i have stated this before if so forgive me. By God's grace, my daughter saved my life before my daughter was born I made a decision to give up on life. I decided I was done I wasn't trying anymore I was tired of doing things without any benefits. I was working hard and it seemed like i was getting  no where. It seemed as though my degree was pointless. So I secretly decided I was done trying I wouldn't do it myself but when God was ready to take me I was ready.  But God I can truly say she is a miracle! I can definitely say that I want to live. I fight harder for my life I want to be there for her. I want to watch her grow up. I don't want people to tell my daughter about me. I want to tell her teach her. She's everything to me!!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Be an example

Everyone always has an opinion how the world can be better or what someone else should do. I often hear how there are no role models or how certain people don't want to be a role model. But if YOU notice that something needs to be done why don't YOU do it! Why not be the example or role model you didn't have. I have decided that I am not going to let anyone else be a role model or an example for my daughter I am going to be an example for her. I'm not going to tell her look at so and so see how they made it HECK NO. I'm going to tell her my story my struggles and show her how God brought me through.
 My absence has been due to getting my business established bank accounts, getting inventory etc. The essential things to making it happen. My daughter's life well being etc is too important for me to say look at someone else who may or may not let her down or to busy "enjoying life" that don't realize that someone is looking up to them.
 So with that being said make the proper ste8not excuses and do what it takes to follow your dreams.