Saturday, December 26, 2015

Can't sit idly by

Back Story: I was going to make a video today on a totally different subject for some reason nothing seemed to go right. I can't find my mic and my little one is in love with mom today but it's ok i may be too emotional for a video but I owe you guys!

Before Worthy Worth it & Priceless there was Confidently Beautiful and before that it all started with  Dream -Inspire all the mission of helping others through my experiences. Helping people reach their best you get it. Well something happened today that hit me to my core. A tragedy happened in my town I don't know the people personally so I won't go into detail. But 1 of the people that was involved i remember him. He was someone who I felt in my heart was hurting. When I spoke with people about lost people or people needing help in my town I often thought of him. Today I realized it was too late. I let fear or whatever stop me from reaching out. I have often been told that my videos help people or the mission of Worthy Worth it & Priceless is an incredible thing. But today when I got the info it hurt me so bad. It made me question how long an I going to be in front of the camera or behind a computer screen at some point movement has to be made on my side it has to go beyond this.

I say to you as well we can no longer allow YOU to sit on your gift someone in the world needs your idea, your compassion,  your purpose. This world is going mad it's time to take a stand. Don't let fear stop you from doing the right thing!!

Temporary Moments vs Your God Given Woman

Proverbs 4:23
    Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:27
  Don’t get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil.

    Drink water from your own well— share your love only with your wife. 
    Why spill the water of your springs in the streets, having sex with just anyone? 
    You should reserve it for yourselves. Never share it with strangers.

Proverbs 7:25
     Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her. Don’t wander down her wayward path.

        Nothing compares to have the woman that God himself has blessed you with. Moments of pleasure is not worth losing her. If it was you would leave her or do your dirt out in the open and not care about her feelings. Temporary moments come to distract you from what's important. Those moments rob you of the richness of your family. Those temporary moments entices you tells you everything you want to hear. They make you believe that with them is all you need or that they have something more to offer than what you have at home. Which is not the case. Those moments are just what they are temporary.

      You might say my girl complains about everything I will say this to you When you see this person they see you at your best and you see them at their best. You have your best outfit on,  hair cut you look sharp!  But the one at home has seen you at your worst smelly feet, bad morning breath, your in between haircut look guess what she still loves you. She tolerates your bad habits because she knows you. Trust me if you reveal your true self to your temporary moment she will start saying the same thing.

    The enemy knows exactly what you like and how to rob you of all of what God has blessed you with. You have to be stronger than let a big butt a smile and compliments take you away from what God has blessed you with.
    The woman God made for you is beyond special. You guys click and it's like being with your best friend. If you have concerns about your relationship speak to her don't cheat on her. Give her the satisfaction of your honesty.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Give Love

                                   I am not going to hold you guys long. I wanted to start by telling you all Merry Christmas! While gifts and presents are cool. Why not gift someone with your presence. I know we all have probably had our fair share of heartache this year but think of someone who have lost a loved one this year. And this is there first year without that loved one. Even if you can't physically go see them reach out to  them with a phone call it doesn't have to be long just let them know your thinking of them. It's Free all it will cost you is your time!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Get to know her for yourself!

This quote alone speaks volumes. We sometimes will miss out on our blessings by not speaking to someone based on someone else's opinion. That person can only be telling you one side of the story  or based on facts of the past.  If you are not like your past how do you expect someone else to be like that. We as women change within minutes or a drop of a hat. Who you used to be as a teenager is not who you are in your twenties or your thirties on your 40. But we don't allow ourselves to get to know someone else. People who may know them based on their possible Facebook friendship or are there High School friendship. 
But they will tell you everything to get to hate another woman for whatever reason but will NEVER TELL YOU WHAT THEY DID TO THAT WOMAN TO MAKE HER ACT THAT WAY!
We as women are very powerful but one of our flaws is a competition with each other. You don't have to compete with another woman you don't have to compare yourself to another woman. Men work together all the time. But why can't women we are taught that there's not enough room for all of us. We are taught that we have to be the best and we are in competition with every woman that is doing the same thing that we are. But that's not the case think about how powerful we as women would be if we worked together. If we put aside our petty differences and actually work together or we would be the head of corporations together. There may have already been a female president. We are much stronger than we know. What we cannot afford to tear each other down.  We must stand together if you haven't noticed the world seems to be against us. You have male lawmakers trying to make plans for us. Nowis not the time to be apart but stand together. Help a sister out no matter the race. Women all over the world is hurting. We have the world on our shoulders. We are often burdened by the fact we have to be the man, the woman, the breadwinner, the lover, mother, the friend and last but not least the shoulder to cry on. We shouldn't make it harder on each other. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Make that change!

 You don't need a new year to declare your change! You don't need a new day to change it either. At this moment, if you feel as though your life is not where you want it to be, if you feel like there's changes that need to be made. Make up in your mind that today to declare your change! At this moment if you feel as though your life is not where you want it to be. Make up in your mind that today at this moment is the  time where you're going to make those necessary changes in your life.
We get so wrapped up and resolutions or the point that everything has to be perfect before we make moves. But that's not the case when you realize that you can no longer live the way that your living do the things that you're doing that is your wake up call that is your sign that things have to change. In life we look for miraculous signs or out of this world things to happen for us to make that change. But if you're looking for that it may never come your sign maybe this post.

I know for me I can no longer live life dazed and confused. It is time for a change I can't look for anyone else to take that action for me I have to do it for myself. And not just for me but for my new family as well. You may not think that you have people counting on you but you do. And it's up to you to take the chances and make the changes in your life to succeed. No one is just going to walk off the street in handy you a million dollars you're going to have to work for it. Is your dream it's time to go after it. Don't listen to the enemy when he tells you you will never succeed you never make it don't fall for the trap don't fall for the lies you would have never gotten that idea if it wasn't meant for you to do it. The time is now don't let your dreams go to waste over doubt or fear. Life is too precious to waste. And your gift is meant for you to accomplish is your destiny. Follow your dream and make it happen. Don't stop believing in yourself! You got this!

Don't stand there defeated!!! Take ACTION!!

I have been on my grind trying to find a job that would make sense schedule wise. That I can be with my daughter and be able to work. She will soon be going to a head start program whenever they open.

So I got a job as a substitute teacher at one of the other schools in town. So I was just thinking that everything that I have to do for the job must be in town because that's where I'll be working NEGATIVE.  I had to go to another town for almost everything. For the record: I don't drive so this kinda makes it harder because I have to go on other people's schedules including my daughters. I go to the screening and they tell me I have to get fingerprints, drug test and a physical.  (I also have to do an orientation in this town and not in my own town.) Now the drug test I have to do within 48 hours I have to make sure I do it within 48 hours or there's no purpose because I can't redo it. Which also means that without it I don't get the job. So when the screening was all done I went back to the car feeling rejected and defeated I really needed this job so that when my daughter does go to head start we could be on the same schedule or at least it will get me closer to being a teacher at the head start. What I was reminded of by my friend is how God will make a way and how he was going to make a way because he knew this was something that I needed to do.
I decided to take action I called the drug testing place and they said that there was a walk in drug testing in my town across the street. You don't know how much weight that lifted off of my shoulders.

God made a way it was hard to see but he did. You guys don't know how hard it has been trying to figure out ways to make this happen. When I even had the application to be a substitute teacher they said it would take to one month 2-3 months for this to go through. But God allowed it to go through even faster. The thing is I could sit here and feel defeated or even not called the drug testing place and just said forget about it it's not going to work is not going to happen. But as long as there's actions to make you have to take those actions to get the results that you need. You can't let the enemy make you feel as though you can accomplish your goals. God and bring you this far to leave you stranded and abandoned. You may not know how everything is going to work out but trust God and know that he has your back.

You can easily sit back and let life happen to you or you can take action because there's always a way out there's always a way to make things happen it may not always be the way that we want but there's always a way and if we stand there defeated will never get to where we're supposed to go don't give up!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doing just fine

The holidays can bring the absolute worst out of people. People start acting brand new, they become distant or some just become depressed. This post I want to talk to the broken hearted. Having a break up around the holidays can be tough or any time but especially the holidays.  You see people in love, celebrating, getting engaged or even married. Seeing this can hurt you to your core. DON'T LET IT!  Don't give that person the benefit of you not going on and living your best life. You may not be able to see it now especially if the wound is fresh. Sometimes people need to move out of our way so that we can gain some perspective. There's a reason why this happened you may not see it today but everything will work out.
  I brought back up.  Getting cheated on sucks but you deserve better. It's better to be alone than with someone who doesn't love or respect you. Step outside of your situation,if that person really loved you they would've never violated your relationship.If they truly cared they would've never hurt you. Don't invest more into someone more than they invest in you. You don't have to convince or make someone love you either they do or don't. It's nothing wrong with you if they don't! IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT.  Some partners will verbally abuse you so you feel less and can't move on which makes it more of a dependency. But you are strong break that mind game chain!! They are not the boss of you!  Take your life back and pray that God puts you on the right path to accomplish your purpose!!!
    My back up is this song okay if you never heard it your in for a treat. I'm telling you through my break ups this song was on repeat you hear me. You can let it play in the background while you getting yourself together but let me warn you almost at the end WANYA has this line "I ain't missing you at all " man by the 3rd or 4th time listening to it you be hitting that note  Trust me!  You got this! And you will get through this!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The one who rejected you will have to accept you

Many of you may know that I have another business where I sell custom made pillows. So I saw online that this fabric company had V.I.P. cards for business owners and sewing groups. I have known this information for years but never had all of my ducks in a row to get it like business license, tax id etc. Well I finally had it I went to the store just for a regular purchase but as I  was getting my fabric cut by the manager I asked about the V.I.P. card. He proceeded to tell me that the V.I.P. card was only for sewing groups.  (Now mind you I went on the website and saw this wasn't true.) I said "I thought if you have a business you can get it too". He said "No, you have to be apart of a sewing group" It bothered me but not as much because I didn't have my paperwork. So I just let it go. 
Two months later, I emailed customer service after a few days I got a phone call and email  basically saying that they talked to the assistant Store manager and SHE knew the rules and I can go back to the store and get my card. I wasn't able to go that day but the next day I went in I wanted to make sure I had all my paperwork. 
So I go up to the counter and I told the cashier what I needed she was new so she had no idea. She called the manager it was HIM. She put me on the phone with him. I told him what I was there for once again he tried to tell me about being apart of the sewing group. I told him it also says about business owners,I have my business license and my forms.  He said "ok, I will be right up" (Okaay, change your tune now lol)
Not only did I get my card but what I didn't know is I was also able to get a tax exempt card for being a reseller (I have to explain that at a later time) I now get double discounts for my trouble. Ain't God good Okaaay!

Now through my story you see how God will bless don't worry about the people that have rejected you or have done you wrong those same people will have to accept you. Or have to go through you to be accepted.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wrong For Doing Right (Everyone Has an Opinion)

There are tactics being used to distract you from what is right. Everyone will have an opinion of what you should and shouldn't do and the more they question it will instill doubt into you.

As an example I will use parenting. As a parent especially a new parent everyone will have an opinion everyone will seem to somehow be an expert on the matter. You will get advice even when you don't ask

Lets be real! people will say or try to say you spoil a child by holding them. Depending on what you read you can't spoil a newborn you have to give them that sense of security. Now lets just say this principal is true for argument sake. If you listen to those people you could doing more  harm to your child in the long run. But the effects of  spoiling a is something either the child's parents have to deal with initially. People will have opinions but it's the parents who have the final say.
     Okay are you still following me?. Now to bring home the message people will try to tell you what you are doing is wrong and try to impose their opinion on you the more they talk the more it may cast doubt. And that's exactly what the enemy will do he will try to cast doubt when you are doing what right. he will make you feel as though you have no support, no one has your back. He make you feel like you plan will fail. That's because he doesn't want you to reach greatness!! Don't let him win or cast doubt. If what you are doing isn't causing harm to yourself or others what's the problem? Don't ridicule yourself for doing right. Block out others people negative opinion or view and do what's best for you!

Monday, December 7, 2015

He knows what he's doing

    So yesterday day December 6th was my grandma Dorothy's birthday. When she passed 3 years ago a part of me died as well. After she died as well as the division of my family changed me. At times where I would be very open and trusting of others I no longer was. Or times I was possibly more loving I was more standoff-ish. Years gone by I didn't know how to get back to me. I even distanced myself from God. I believed when my grandma died so did my connection to God. (Backstory: when I ever had a serious problem I would go to my grandma and we would talk about it and we would pray about it over the phone and afterwards it would seem as though God would hear her and instantly I would feel a weight lifted)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Determined to Rise

So I am up early in the middle of the night doing job searches and filling out online applications. Today I actually spent my day starting my baby pillow line. Thank God for an obedient child.
As I looked at my child, I told her we were going to make it. She gave me a smile and that was all I needed. I am determined that my daughter won't see me fail or give up. Sure her father is here but I want to be an example for her. Honey, I even been applying to places I never would have thought of working. But that's what you have to do when you have a child. It's very different when you have little brown eyes looking back at you.
I will say the one thing that I HATE is waiting forever for a reply or phone call. 
No matter what you are facing there is always a way out it may not be the path you wanted to go but realize it maybe pushing you closer to your purpose and the next level in life.