Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Encouagement: Constant Fight

    People don't know the effort it takes for some people just to get up. Or how much hurt someone hides behind a smile. People don't know what it takes to be the life of the party all the time. Everyone has their own fights going on if it's not with family, co workers it's within themselves. People are fighting to stay alive, to be happy, to be loved, find themselves and/or direction in life. If you are one of those people I will tell you what it says in Galatians 6:9 "So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." 

I know it seems as though your reward is never coming and it may seem as though as soon as you overcome one battle another is brewing. I'm here to tell you don't give up. Your time is coming! God sees all the people who have wronged you. He sees all the stress you go through. It may not seem like it but he will bless you. You are so close to your breakthrough but you will never get there if you give up. You can't give up you have to claim your prize. You have to show the enemy your NOT defeated. Show him your not a quitter!  You have the victory! You are no bodies victim! You got this!

As a bonus here's a new video from Kirk Franklin called Wanna be happy 


Friday, October 23, 2015

Encouragement: Better Days from Pastor Le'andria Johnson


I found this song about a week ago this song will definitely give you the encouragement you need to keep going. Times are now tough it seems for everyone. I know it's hard to see light or how your going to get through. But I  want you to press on. Keep praying till you feel a change in your spirit. Realize that this isn't the first time that you reached a rough patch but I want you to reach back in your mind and remember your last rough patch and the rough patch before that and realize that if God got you out before he will do it again. You may not see him you may feel like he's too far but God is waiting for you to relinquish control let it go. Stop thinking you got it all figured out. Give it to him and let him do when he does best which is take care of you!!!

Better days are on the way and as a bonus I am posting another video "Let go Let God" by Bishop Paul Morton and his son PJ


Monday, October 19, 2015

He will supply

Things may seem hard right now. You may not know how your going to make it. Don't give up God has you. Your help is on the way!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Everything

Miss Yava'ah Michelle is my everything. I  Love being her mom. She gives me so much joy. She sleeps during the day for the most part. When she does wake we just stare at each other lol. I shower her with kisses. I  can't believe she's here.  I went through a lot to have her. To think I almost missed this experience. I wouldn't trade her for the world. (As I write this she's in my arms fighting sleep smiling at me.) I was asked recently if I felt complete honestly I do. I have completed high school, college, started businesses and etc. But this by far is the best. No matter what I have done or accomplished I have always felt like something was missing not anymore. 
I love every bit and piece of my baby from her snoring while she sleeps to her pig oinking sound when she cries. I am going to give her the world and protect her as much as possible.

For encouragement: your everything doesn't have to be a child. It can be whatever passion is in your heart. Don't let anyone talk you out of your everything. You will regret not following your heart.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sweetest Day love from Worthy Worth It & Priceless to You

   Happy Sweetest Day! Although a lot of people don't celebrate it no matter what everyday I believe you should take time out to love yourself. So I put together some videos that showcase LOVE!!!




Friday, October 16, 2015

Relationship Talk: Protect Your Family

 As you all know I recently had a daughter last week. As my life has shifted into the role of mom my views and opinion shifted as well. When I made the announcement of her arrival I intentionally didn't post a picture. Although I wanted to but in this day and age as memes and Photoshop you have to be careful what you post. An innocent picture can go viral with ill intent if the wrong person gets their hands on it. 
          Going a bit deeper into the relationship aspect. You have to keep your privacy in relationships. People will use the details of a petty argument and make it seem as though all hell has broken loose in your household. It's crazy because even if you don't tell your business people will use your facial expressions to  draw there own conclusions. Some people just come from a negative place and even though it seems as if they have your back all they want is to see you in the same position as them or worse. 
Your have the power over your household and it's up to you to protect what God has given you authority over.  If every time you go through something with your partner you need to go to your partner and handle it with them.  Talking to your friends or relatives might help you vent but it won't get the problem solved. 
So keep your business to yourself let people come up with their own conclusions. I bet you will have a happier household.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

She's HERE

My baby is here Miss Yava'ah Michelle. I am so in love. It's so crazy. It's indescribable how you can love someone so much. I remember when they first showed me her, I just wanted to give her my all.
  I was meant to have her. I was meant to show her what true love feels like. She is my everything.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Nothing is sacred no more:Intro to new series

Nothing is sacred no more --Wale from The Matrimony

This statement has been playing in my head for a while now.The other day I just got fed up not with the statement but I was trying to find something to watch on t.v. and everything was a celebrity gossip show. Needless to say, I  started to think any day now as you know and some of you may be tired of me talking about but I will have a daughter. I will be responsible for her what she sees and how she is raised. I am tired of seeing half naked women, debates on how women should look, not to mention celebrity gossip and there's more but you get the picture.
     I realize that thereis more to life. I can see why our daughter's or women in general feel as though they need to compete.  Advertisements everywhere is telling them if they don't look a certain way they are not good enough. Most girls can look on t.v. and don't see a girl that looks like them. So what are we telling them if you don't have exotic looks, plastic surgery, or wear the latest fashion trends you are not on our radar This can't be!!
    I wanted to start this series to some how invoke change. With this platform I wanted to have another method of teaching self-worth. We are losing a lot of our girls to the dark side because they are blinded by what society's standards are. If we are ever going to get them back we have to teach them differently.

  Thanks for listening/reading my venting session but I am definitely serious. I don't know how long the series will be or how often but stay tuned.