Monday, June 29, 2015

Today is the day!!!

Yesterday I went to church. The pastor asked for 5 people that had a ministry but for what ever reason fear or whatever they haven't been doing it. So I went up, all of you know I have been doing Worthy Worth It & Priceless for some time now and before this it was Confidently Beautiful. Either way I would let fear stop me from getting so far. I have plans, worksheets or whatever and each time I let myself get defeated before I got to the next level. Now is the time to put that fear behind you and go after the life you deserve and follow your dreams. Don't let life pass you by.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

We allow people allow in or allow them to get close to us because they are family /longtime friends. Because of those titles we believe that these people have our best interest at heart.
 That's not always the case. We put our guards down for these people, we will trust them with our lives. That's when we're most  vurnable and we get attacked. Be aware of your circle no matter what's their title. The enemy likes to use those who are closest to you to distract you, throw you off course and hurt you.

Music Video Spotlight: Wale

I decided to spotlight Wale because there are few songs offering women encouragement like in Ambitious Girl 2 or songs showing the real about relationships and the effects it has on us displayed in The Matrimony and Diary.

Hope you enjoy