Monday, May 18, 2015

Worth A Look: The Bald Movement

I have been following The Bald Movement for quite some time. The Facebook page helped me get through low moments when I cut off my hair by choice. What I love about this movement is everything is positive. You have beautiful bald women being themselves as well as an inspiration to others.
    The Bald Movement was founded by Nell Coleman. Here's an excerpt about Nell Coleman and  The Bald Movement from the website.
"Nell Coleman created The Bald Movement to show that Hair is like an accessory, whether you have it or not, it doesn't define who you are, you do. The Bald Movement originated from the past struggles she endured from having Hair and realizing that True Beauty had more to do with her ability to recognize her self worth and being confident with who she was no matter the circumstances."
"As a teen, she was ridiculed of her appearance and because of it, she did not love nor did she accept herself. In 2010, she decided that she would no longer allow the ways of the world to persuade her into thinking that her appearance alone determined her beauty. To free herself from the societal standard of beauty, she shaved her hair off to free herself from the stress and distraction it brought and to show that Hair was not needed to be Beautiful. Along this journey, she discovered that true beauty had little to do with the appearance and everything to do with who she was as a person. Her confidence, compassion, love for self and others, her willingness to be herself no matter what is what made her Beautiful inside and out."
 "She will encourage women who are Bald that YOU ARE Enough, Beautiful, Strong, Unique, Sexy, Amazing, YOU ARE whatever you put your mind. The most important thing to remember is that, There is nothing more beautiful than simply being YOU."
Love Nell Coleman 

With that being said here's the links WebsiteFacebook

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