Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Accept You

Yes the new year is coming. During this time we make unrealistic goals or have expectations that will let ourselves down if we don't reach them. I dare you to accept yourself. Accept your muffin top, accept you big butt. Accept you 1 good time. We spend so much time trying to change ourselves that we don't accept who we are. Are there things we want to change yes there will always be something. But if you always go around trying to change, when are going to enjoy life and live.

Have a happy new year all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Worthy Music/Spotlight: J.Cole

The last Worthy Music Spotlight of the year belongs to J.Cole. Ever since I heard his album I can't get it off my mind it's a album that it's melodies stay with you. All of a sudden your singing it out loud and people start looking at you crazy. "This is my canvas" from his single Apparently.
  I stated on Twitter that I don't really listen to rap anymore but this album was worthy music this album restored my hope in that genre of music. I can't to listen nor stomach mindless music. I can't listen to things that makes no sense. This album brought back the essence of music. You can tell that J.Cole is really being himself with this album. He is coming into his own. He has always went against the grain a bit. I remember when he did the dollar and a dream tour when people got in for a dollar. He went to the protests without publicity he showed his support. He's showing characteristics of a true leader,a real voice for the people when most of our options are mindless music.  I can appreciate this album and J.Cole. Above is an interview that J.Cole recently. And below are two of my favorite songs from the album. GO Buy the album if you already haven't!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

God will Take you to the place where you gave up

God will take you to the place where you gave up to show you can make it further than you ever thought imaginable. God will show you that you are better than what you think. I gave up on business because I got discouraged I felt as though it would never succeed I went down many many avenues with no luck. BUT GOD!! Reintroduced me to my dream and allowed me to see it with new eyes. Now I am starting to live the life I always wanted to.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Worthy Hair Spotlight: Styles by Charles Taylor Phd

Today's spotlight is Charles Taylor PhD the 1st male hairstylist featured on I have been watching him for a while and you will see shortly his talent can NOT be denied. Find him on  FacebookInstagram. Here's info about him in his own words. So a little about me!! I am 25 yrs old and have been doing hair professionally for 6 yrs. I have styled hair for clients in South Carolina as well as the Metro Atlanta area. I previously served as a platform artist and hair technician for Bronner Brothers® of Atlanta GA and have had extensive training under some of the nations top weavologists! I love the art of hair and what i do!!! Contact me for trainings and info on traveling at (803) 290-9570 or my inbox. Peace and Blessing!
@chucktaylorphd twitter
@chucktaylorphd instagram