Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: Bivie Doos with Snapped


Bivie’s Bio (in her own words)

    Hair has always been my passion. I strive to make sure that everyone who sits in my chair feels beautiful. I’m dedicated to each and every one of my clients. I stay on the cutting edge of hair technology in my quest for keeping my clients’ hair healthy and gorgeous.
      I specialize in a weave technique that promotes my clients’ natural hair health through meticulous maintenance while ensuring the the weave itself stays “Snapped!” I am also keeping my clients on trend with up-to-the minute razor and clipper cuts, color treatments, relaxers and keratin treatments - the full BIVIE DOO treatment! Ultimately, my most successful trait is the love and the passion of my nearly 20 years in the beauty business and the support of my friends and family, in particular my 18-year-old son.
       In addition to my salon services, I have also launched a retail hair company called SnappedHair!      Please visit my website at to get your hair or to arrange your salon service. This is our time so don't cheat yourself, treat yourself to some SnappedHair! Here are the links FacebookWebsite

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