Saturday, April 5, 2014

Strength Saturday's


Found this video on YouTube by Ryan Carson. It's very powerful and it's the essence of what I believe that a Worthy Worth It & Priceless woman is.  A lot of times the message of our worth gets misconstrued. Meaning its not talked about we as Americans glorify talentless celebrities or celebrities in general who parade "sex sells" in our faces or twerking videos.  But the women who are not doing those things are not even publicized.
      What am I going to do about it?
   I am going to publicize women who know their worth. I am going to change the format of Worthy Worth It & Priceless.  There's a lot of women who can be inspirations to others.  I will uplift women as I believed/ did or was trying to do in my previous blog        This all stems from the other night when I was researching for other hairstylist to showcase and a voice said "Why don't you help them be better women?"  Watching this video reinforced that we as women are hurting we go through things today that our ancestors couldn't even imagine.
    So along with showcasing Women doing there thing I will also try to uplift you.

Be Strong, Be Encouraged and Realize You Are Worthy Worth It Priceless

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