Monday, March 17, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: DaMaster Stylist

Keshia Rogers aka DaMaster Stylist a native of West Palm Beach, FL knew from an early age what she was born to do.  She went from styling dolls in preschool to doing her friends hair at the age of 14. By the age of 16 she made a name for herself in Palm Beach county. In 2004, she enrolled in The Beauty Institute of West Palm. In 2005, she obtained her cosmetology license. 2006 she moved to Atlanta to work for Nairobi. And in 2007 she returned home to brand herself as a Master Stylist.
  What is a Master Stylist?  A hair educator, a professional make-up artist, a cosmetologist, just to name a few. It is what Keshia Rogers exemplifies expanding her education in all areas to become one. Though there were struggles, now at the age of 32, a single mother, Keshia has added yet another profession to her belt. A professional jewelry designer.

*Excerpts were taken from her bio posted on her website.  To read her full bio visit her Website she is also on Instagram and  YouTube.


Bob Quickweave 


  1. She is THEE absolute BEST at what she does .

  2. That's my boss..I thank God for putting me under her wings. ..

  3. Alright Keshia *come thru*!!!! Show them what they need to do

  4. Yes this my stylist and friend. She has always been serious about her craft since I met her. Always a pleasure to have her style my hair and beat my face! She is going places! And that's a fact!

  5. God bless you boo... you're doing wonderful things. May you continue to bless others and grow. .. she's the DaMasterstylist!