Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Highlights from Like the River The Salon Short Hair Boot Camp

This last weekend Like the River The Salon had their Short Hair Boot Camp.  Thanks to their  Facebook page we can see what we missed.  Once I get my cosmetology license this will be the first place I go. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: Thou Art Beautiful Hair Salon

La Toya owner and stylist of Thou Art Beautiful Hair Salon is based out of Buffalo, N.Y. specializes in weaves, cuts, color and etc.   Thou Art Beautiful Hair Salon is very professional they get you in and out. Any hairstylist out there is booth rental available.  Thou Art Beautiful Hair Salon can be found on Facebook.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Priceless Inspiration: Broken Torn Apart

You may be in a place where you feel broken. Being broken especially in today's time seems as if you will never get better. But I have learned that God will still use you. When we hit rock bottom we find out who is truly there for us. But it is also at those times that we find our purpose and it's also a great time for God to rescue us. It is at those times when God's love shines through. I remember going through things and my mind just was playing tricks on me. People I would usually call was nowhere to be found. I got my greatest release when I got on my knees to pray.  I was behind on my rent I had notices from everyone. I had no idea how I would get through. But God made a way I am telling you the same. God will turn your life around if you allow him. So if you are broken allow God to put you back together.

     Remember you are Worthy Worth It & Priceless

Friday, February 21, 2014

Priceless Inspiration:They were wrong (Take your life back)

     I haven't met one person lately that hasn't had either a rough childhood or just a rough upbringing altogether.  People that they loved hurt them deeply.This has prompted many to have hatred, hurt in their hearts or animosity. They carry the scars of rejection with themselves everyday. They carry the fears, the tears, and the pain of their childhood as well as broken relationships as well. This has made people carry a wall no one IN and YOU don't GET OUT.
     It's hard to hear someone that we loved and trusted either talk about bad about us or to us no matter how strong we are but don't let there anger at the moment paralyze your life.
     I am asking you don't carry that anymore. That burden is not for you to carry. You got through the heartache and stress that your family and so called loved one has put you through. You are strong allow God to carry you through.
    I am here to DECLARE they were wrong about you!!!! You are an awesome person. Beautiful you have amazing.You will get the life you desire. You have a lot going on for yourself. You are going to make it. You will have the VICTORY the enemy has already been defeated. Visualize yourself winning. Create your happy dance because the battle is already won. They may have taken time out of your life but NO MORE!!! Take your LIFE back!!! Take your  JOY back!!! Let them see you succeed. Don't give up!!! Now is NOT the time to throw in the towel. NOW is the time to get moving!!! DECLARE VICTORY!!! The enemy can't keep you down look at you, You are making it you are winning!!! Yassss!!! DECLARE IT!!!

No one knows how much longer we have on this earth but I bet one thing while we got LIFE we sure enough are going to LIVE!!!

Priceless Inspiration:Accept Your Gift

God has blessed us all with tremendous gifts and talents. At times we look at others gifts and wish we had their talents/gifts. Sometimes we make life harder or set ourselves up for disappointment by doing something that we are not comfortable with or wasn’t given the talent or gift for. I have posted a lot about hairstylist. It is fascinating what these women can do I am sure they go through obstacles but they fight through them to make masterpieces to help women feel good about themselves. Think about if they denied themselves of their gifts.

Another example is from my favorite movie Tinkerbell long story short Tinkerbell was given the gift of being a tinker which was fixing things, but being a tinker was glamorous and wouldn’t get her to the main land (which I believe is the world we live in). You see her struggle to try to become like the other fairies such as water, light and animal. She didn’t believe that being a tinker fairy was that great or glamorous but what she didn't realize was that tinkers had the most important job; all the other fairies depended on the tinkers. She was so focused on going to the "main land" that it made her even think less of herself. So your gift may not being in the big bucks it may not make you a star but believe your gift is needed so except it because no one can be like you!

Priceless Inspiration: Principle of Least Interest

A friend of mine is in trouble… She is terribly in love with her boyfriend, but he is less in love with her and this sets up a terrible dynamic in their relationship. Because he doesn’t care as much as she does, he has tremendous power over her. He dictates most of what happens in her life…
She willingly submits to this because she wants his love more than he wants hers in return. And the more she tries to please him, the more of herself she loses to the relationship, and the less happy she becomes because she gets so little in return, so she tries harder to please him. Of course, from his perspective, things are great. The less he gives, the more she tries to make him happy. What a deal. The principle of least interest at work:
The person who cares the least about a relationship has considerable power over the person who cares the most." (A. Pollard)

Have you ever been in a relationship like this or had a friend that has done this. I will say it I have been here as well. As a woman you want to love your man as the saying goes if you don’t someone else will. In this day and age that is very true but while dealing in this relationship you lose yourself. You lose a piece of yourself you identity. I have been in relationships where you would’ve sworn I was the man in the relationship. I remember I would talk to my friends like "dang I wish he would just change, this makes no sense". The point is that you want this man to change you see the potential in him to change but you are losing yourself trying to change him, or to upgrade him. When the relationship is over you are left with a broken heart in pieces to clean up. Everyone says leave that is the one thing easier said than done I go home now everyday by myself with a house filled with memories and what could’ve been. In the end you can blame yourself. The best thing to do is move on. Take you cuts and bruises and realize that God is close to the brokenhearted and even if prince charming never shows so what you are a QUEEN and you should never live like a peasant fall in love with yourself. The tears will fall trust me and people will get tired of hearing what happened but God will never leave nor forsake you

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Worth A Look: Ravishing Red

If being a blonde isn't your dream, what about being daring be a red head.
By: Diamond of 10 Karat Diamond Hair Care

By:Vanessa of Xclusive Stylez

By: Mz Fly Beautician

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: Diamond of 10 Karat Diamond Hair Care

Diamond is Master Stylist based out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  You have probably already saw Diamond's work if you read Hairstyle Magazines. Diamond specializes in hair care, short cuts, weaves, hair replacements & barbering. Checkout Diamond on her website www.10karatdiamondhaircare.com

Spotlight Worthy: Vanessa from Xclusive Stylez

                      Vanessa is the owner & stylist of  Xclusive Stylez in Swansea, Illinois
  She specializes in the latest trends and creative looks. I love her looks there very innovative. Take a look at her work below.Vanessa is on Facebook and she is also on Styleseat.com

Worth A Look: Lighten Up (Blonde Bombshells)

As the weather starts getting better, hair starts getting short, & hair colors get lighter so I wanted to give you some hairspiratons for such a time. ENJOY! !
From: Vanessa from Xclusive Stylez
From: Diamond of 10 Karat Diamond Hair Care

From: Mz Fly Beautician

From Like the River The Salon

Visions in White

I know everyones weather has been crappy but look on the bright side Spring will be here in a few months which means more colors will be worn especially white . Here is 3 different ways to wear white featuring Monica, Fantasia's & Rihanna

Photo credit: Freddyo.com, Fantasia's Facebook, & Fashion Daily Bomb

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Priceless Inspiration: Bloom where you're planted

Sometimes we run,we get outta situations before we are fully blessed.
   I finally got the management position I always wanted with this position I have to be able to drive mind you I don't know how to drive, mind you my manager told me it wasn't a big deal but I allowed it to bother me. By the Grace of God I have been able to avoid it to a certain extent. I was able to have someone pick me up when needed but they were blessed to get a full-time job soon after. When I found this out my first mind was to look for another job no question. I realize all I had to do was get driving lessons but I convinced myself it would take too long.
  Fast forward I didn't get any of the jobs I applied for but while I was looking to hear back from them God began to work on me. That's when I was given the vision for the idea to go back to finish my cosmetology license. If I would have gotten the other jobs I wouldn't be able to. It made perfect sense to stay where I was at to accomplish those goals. When I told my District Manager I was going to stay he started talking about giving me a raise.I would have walked away from my blessing.

How many times in life have we talked ourselves out of our blessings.
You will never earn the fruits of your labor if you keep running. So today I urge you to stand still allow God to move on your behalf.

Everything will be worth it.

Announcements & Updates

If you're in the Buffalo area Mzflybeautician has a  class on March 10th 2014 register at Mzflybeautician.bigcartel.com

Like the River the Salon's Short Hair Boot Camp is SOLD OUT for February 23, 2014,March 16, 2014 & March 30, 2014 make sure you check out www.beautybeyondthehair.com for more dates when they become available.

*I am not affiliated with either but I am a fan of their work so for info contact them.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: Mz Fly Beautician

Our spotlight today is Mz.Fly Beautician based out of Buffalo N.Y.
(but she will travel) I have adored her looks on Facebook and have followed her work and once I started this blog I had to put her on it. She is an amazing talent as you can see she is very versatile. She also has dvds available at www.mzflybeautician.bigcartel.comIf you would to look her up she is on Facebook &  instagram

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Worth A Look: Featuring Truth By Design

Hair & Make-up by: Truth by Design
Model: Precious Starr

Truth By Design is a company based out of Niagara Falls, N.Y. that specializes in Graphic Design, Photography, Hair & Make-up.

For more info checkout "Truth by Design" on Facebook.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Worthy Woman Spotlight: Monica Brown

Many of us grew up on Monica's music.She has one of the best voices in the industry. We have watched her grow from Miss Thang to Mrs.Brown. She has always kept it real, classy and humble all the while keeping God and her family first. She has allowed us as fans to be apart of every part of her life. And today we honor Mrs. Monica Brown an amazing wife, daughter, mom as well as singer.

Photo credit: Derek Blanks/Instagram

The beauty of pain

I recently got Micro braids as soon as I sat in the chair the woman was like it's going to need tight but if it's too tight let me know. Now mind you my hair is short I have a twa (tweeny weeny afro) I had Micros before so how tight could they be. I was so wrong I never had my hair done by women from Africa. They braided every nook and cranny they could find they beadiest of beads all of it. I was screaming on the inside as well as pinching tissues under the smock. I was saying to myself I will never do this again and praying that their hands moved faster. It was two women mind you. After it was do I loved it but I also said I would stick to wigs. The next day after it didn't hurt as bad I said it wasn't that bad I could probably do it again.
  I have said all of that to say is sometimes we go through pain we ask God to speed up the process but when it's all over we are much better off. So if your going through something realize it won't always be this way you will make it through it may be uncomfortable now but stay in the process.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Help for the brokenhearted after a Break-up

For some Valentine's Day is the day for love  but for others it's the loneliest day hopefully this will lift your spirits.

I have realized that a lot of people have gotten their heartbroken at some point some may become bitter or their hearts never heal so they try to hurt someone else just as much today we are going to talk to the people who still have their hearts and they are totally broken and need to heal. The person that no matter how much crying you have done it still has NOT healed your hurtAnd you just want the pain to go away to live your life.  (This is for the person who has been dumped in other words)
 Start with this short video from TD Jakes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spotlight Worthy: Like The River The Salon

Like The River The Salon is located in Atlanta, GA. I first found out about  Like The River The Salon through Facebook and a post that I believe it was Modern Salon posted about this short hairstyle I mean it was awesome and nothing like I had ever saw before. So did a Google search and bam I was hooked not only do they do short styles but they also have "short hair bootcamps" (and as soon as I get my cosmetology license I will be there).What learned from watching there YouTube video is that owner Najah Aziz, cares about helping other hairstylist become successful as well which nowadays is very rare.
  So for all who is interested the next bootcamp is that isn't sold out is March 30th 2014 you can register at www.BeautyBeyondTheHair.com. Also check out their FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Like-The-River-The-Salon/210436206152

Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to Worthy Worth It & Priceless

Let me first off say thank you for stopping by.For you all who do not know my name is Tammy and I used to/still do head up the blog ConfidentlyBeautiful.com but with someone trademarking name I decided to change the name. I will say is that I will continue to bring you those same inspirational messages but I will also be as little more rounded featuring Fashion,Beauty, Music as well.

A little about me: I have an Associates Degree in Retail Business Management and soon I will be finishing up my last 68hrs to get my Cosmetology License.  
It wasn't until recently that I stopped running and started following my heart and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again for stopping by 

Worth a Listen: Best of Me by Anthony Hamilton

I absolutely love this song this that smooth jazzy/r&b feel.This song will definitely have you swaying to the beat.